Web Content Writer

Quality content translates into higher revenues for online businesses!

There is considerable skill involved when writing compelling and concise content. Axis Media offer professional web content writer services, crafting your messages to include memorable and informative content that will persuade your target audience to act!

Our Sydney based website content writers incorporate applicable key words to attract and retain the exact type of traffic you need. The aim of content is to:

• Impart important information quickly
• Increase conversion rates, turning visitors into customers

Our content writers will perform several major tasks:

• Check for keywords or generate keywords and phrases to increase search engine indexing and ranking.
• Focus on SEO (search engine optimisation), creating content that allows visitors to obtain information quickly and efficiently in a user-friendly environment.
• Write enticing content to engage visitors, encouraging them to continue browsing
• Edit or create copy to inform, promote or sell your products and/or services

Axis Media aim for search-ability and relevance by using text that is instructive and useful to your target audience!

Some information about why a great web content writer so important!

By investing in good content, you will attract visitors for months and years to come.

Even content that is several years old will continue to bring in a stream of visitors year after year provided it is informative and useful.

Content is vital for grabbing the interest of search engines!

By publishing regular content you will alert all those search engine spiders, letting them know there is always something new happening on your site. This will result in them visiting you more often and before you know it, you rankings will climb at a rate of knots.

Share your knowledge and make your website accessible to potential customers!

Your website needs to carry a wealth of information. By sharing your knowledge, you will create web content that is interesting, tangible and useful to your readers. Interesting articles and important tips that are published on your website will increase the potential for your company to draw in more business.

Great content will engage your readers!

The focus needs to be on creative text that will not only attract the attention of your web visitor, but also build their interest in your products and/or services, converting them to customers or clients.

Great content equals great inbound links!

When you write something useful, new, controversial or witty, people will notice, and, as a result they will start to write about your business, adding links to your articles. More links equal more traffic to your site which will continue to boost your search engine rankings.

Create a buzz in social media with awesome content!

By publishing interesting content regularly you will attract Facebook and Twitter posts, often including links back to your site and therefore building your business profile and reputation.

So what do you write about?

First, you need to think about what your customers or clients want to know or what problems they may have that your business can solve for them. Professional content writers have a knack for making anything sound interesting. You supply the topic, product or service and they will do the research.

Your content writer will weave specific keywords into your copy, drawing more and more traffic to your site and inspiring people to visit regularly because they want to discover more information that is useful to them.