Content Management Systems

Sydney Content Management System builders, Axis Media, will put you in the driver’s seat with a customised CMS website!

Our Content Management Systems are user friendly and allow you to easily edit text, add/delete pages and upload images, anytime and anywhere! No more delays waiting for a busy webmaster!

What are the main features of a CMS website?

  • User Management: Configure your own personal options
  • Media Manager: Easily manage media files and folders
  • Language Manager: Multiple language options
  • Banner Management: Set up banners on your site with ease, including weekly ad campaigns!
  • Contact Management: Multiple contact forms and easy search-ability aiding users to find the person they’re looking for
  • Polls: Find out more about your users by creating polls with multiple options
  • Search: Help navigate users to the most popular search items and provide admin with search statistics
  • Web Link Management: Link resources for site users, sorting them into categories and even click counds
  • Content Management: Crating content is simple! Even novice users have the ability to combine text and images. Pre-installed modules can also show the most popular articles, latest new items, newsflashes, related articles and more
  • Syndication and News feed Management: Allows your users to subscribe to new content in their favourite RSS reader
  • Menu Manager: Crate as many menus and menu items as needed
  • Template Management: A powerful way to make your site look exactly the way you want
  • Integrated Help System: Assists users finding the information they need
  • Powerful Extensibility: Thousands of ways to enhance your CMS site to suit your needs

10 Ways to make your CMS Website Credible:

1. Fresh, modern websites with aesthetic appeal. Your site will be evaluated based the visual design alone within the first few seconds of your visitor landing on your page. Attention needs to be focused on colour coordination, layout, font usage and images. Ensure all images are optimised for internet use to avoid blurring or slow loading. Speak to your website developer at length about your company colours and colour in general as they should have a good aesthetic eye as well as knowledge about colour spectrums.

2. Indicate you are a legitimate Business or Organisation. Listing a physical address is the easiest way to legitimise your business. Other options are to post photos of your offices or a listing of memberships or certificates you have within your network.

3. Easy verification and accuracy: Where possible, provide links, references and legitimate source material to validate the information contained in your website.

4. Indicate to potential customers that they are dealing with real people. You must show there are real people behind the site that are trustworthy and honest. You can do this with the use of images or text, listing the names, positions and brief bio of some employees or even just contact information for specific departments.

5. Website content and updates. Visitors will be more inclined to visit your website more often if they know you are posting new information. This is also highly beneficial in terms of good SEO for your website as those search engine spiders are always looking for updated websites. Keeping your content informative and on topic will add to the credibility of your website.

6. Empahsise your companies expertise. What are your business credentials? Are you affiliated with other respected organisations? How long has your business traded in this field. What experience do you have on staff? Make sure any links and associations are just as credible.

7. Clear, precise contact information. Boost your site’s credibility by making sure your contact information clear: phone number, physical address, and email address.

8. Don’t Over promote. Try to avoid having a plethora of advertising on your site and definitely think twice about using pop-up ads as these annoy most users and will effect your credibility every time. When advertising your products and services, be clear, concise, direct and sincere.

9. Your site must have easy navigation. You don’t need bells and whistles technology to impress your website visitors. Clean, concise, attractive, informative websites that are easy to move around will ensure visitors return again and again.

10. Make sure your site is error free. Broken links are annoying and typos or bad grammar will make your potential customers think twice about your ability to provide outstanding service or products.

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