Website Design

You have just 3 seconds to impress potential customers!

Affordable, Sydney based web designers, Axis Media, have over twenty years website design experience for a range of industries. We understand that perception is everything! Most visitors to your site will judge the credibility of your business based on the design and functionality of your website.

We provide a variety of web design services to meet all your marketing needs. All our designs are custom and specifically tailored to meet your specific needs. We work closely with you to determine precisely what you are looking for and guide you in layout for proper user interface in order to provide you with the best results for the look and feel of your website.

So what can you expect?

  • Custom website design and development specific to your needs
  • Packages to suit all budgets
  • Numerous template options and revisions
  • Google Analytics
  • Search engine friendly
  • Slideshow headers
  • High end stock images

Website Design Tips:

  • Make your business look professional with a well designed website that prioritises search engine optimisation and your end users. A well designed website will help your users easily find what they are looking for and will make your business look professional.
  • Highlight important ‘calls to action’ such as contact numbers and email address and use icons to emphasise points of interest.
  • Be very mindful of your color palette. Professional websites only use two to four colours. Use colour to highlight important details and ensure the combination of colours are in harmony with each other.
  • First impressions count. You have about five seconds to make an impact and encourage your visitor to continue browsing your site. Keep your home page simple, informative and unique. Make sure it is aesthetically pleasing to the eye with an intelligent use of colour and white space!
  • Easy navigation will help users find exactly what they are looking for. Be clear and make it logical.
  • KEEP IT SIMPLE! Clarify the most important information you need to impart to your visitors. Information overload will confuse the user. Search engines prefer that you stay on topic by creating separate pages for each subject as they determine this much more relevant to the end user.
  • Attractive and informative newsletters are an inexpensive way to keep in touch with your clients and customers. By notifying them of your upcoming promotions, events, or, simply informing them about relevant details, you will generate higher conversion rates and encourage word-of-mouth marketing strategies. Think about offering special discounts to your subscribers as this will help build you company a substantial client base.
  • Let visitors know they are dealing with real people by the use of photographs, job descriptions and/or testimonials. You will make your website credible and generate trust from potential clients and customers. Always include an address and phone number on your contact page because people want to know where you are and, more importantly, they want to be able to easily contact the people they do business with.
  • Keyword research is vital and must be a major consideration when writing content for your website. Potential customers won’t know you exist if they can’t find you easily in a search engine. Always ensure these keywords are incorporated naturally into your web text, page titles and headings.
  • Google maps are excellent for showing the area your business is located and very helpful if your customers need to visit your place of business. Think about custom designing maps that indicate landmarks that may help clients find you much easier.
  • Make sure your website is tidy and free of errors and broken links. Things like ensuring your logo links back to the home page, checking for typos, creating valid links that open up separate pages rather than navigating away from your website, are all helpful to your visitors. By understanding the expectations of users and incorporating those expectations into your website design, you will create a site that is aesthetic and effective.

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